Majella Global Technologies provide the very best practices in data collection and management for all major industries, transforming information into intelligence!


Our goal is to provide you with a technological solution that assists you in building better business practices by accessing real-time data.

Our product suite enables you to access your data instantly, allowing you to streamline workforce strategies, maximizing critical resources giving your entity an opportunity for growth.

Majella has extensive experience working with government and private sector organizations that utilize our Majella Insight™ suite of products for field data collection. Our data collaboration tools include mapping, breadcrumb tracking, barcode reading as well as a photo and reporting system that allows for easy export of data or instant reporting. Managers can customize their view to see the data they deem important.

Our staff have years of practical knowledge directing entities through the challenging process of designing, implementing and utilizing data collection and asset tracking systems.

If you want to see your future, look at us today. Majella Global Technologies.

  • "Majella Global Technologies has provided us with an excellent product that is easily customizable, allowing us to adapt it to our specific needs. We have used Majella Insight to create custom inspection checklists that are used on mobile devices in the field for over three years now. This program allows us to gather, store, organize, and share the data collected in the hundreds of inspections done each year. We are very satisfied with the excellent products and service that Majella Global Technologies has provided us."

    Anthony Meeker
    Anthony MeekerCity of Cleburne Texas
  • “The installation was a piece of cake. It went GREAT! Easy!”

    InstallerDenBeste Water Solutions
  • "The usability of Insight allowed us to maintain the aggressive pace necessary to execute this project, pre-registering over 30,000 individuals in a spread out, difficult to reach rural area in under two weeks. During the fi rst day of vaccine distribution, we were able to access patient records at 20 posts without any data connection and vaccinated over 6000 individuals. Majella Insight provided us enormous efficiency, capability and superb project support, and this contributes enormously to undertaking our goal of vaccinating thousands of Haitians against cholera."

    Louise Ivers, M.D., MPH, Senior Health and Policy Advisor
    Louise Ivers, M.D., MPH, Senior Health and Policy AdvisorPartners In Health
  • “I have found that as a result of MGT’s efforts, Anglicare Southern Queensland is now in a much stronger position to be able to respond to incidents of any scale.”

    Kathy Corbiere, Executive Director
    Kathy Corbiere, Executive DirectorAnglicare Southern Queensland
  • “The intuitive nature of the software coupled with the ability to design the form to match existing processes reduced the training time to minutes.”

    Scott Parker
    Scott ParkerTrainer


Established in 2011, Majella Global Technologies is a multinational, integrated management solutions firm that specializes in the collection and management of global data, systems integration and operational management innovation. It is part of Majella Enterprises, a group composed of the following companies:

Majella Global Technologies

Majella Property Development

Majella Resorts & Leisure

Majella Capital

Since its creation, Majella has never stopped developing and enhancing its software technology to be able to meet its clients requirements. Built upon world’s best practice methodologies in the collection and management of data for all major industries, the Majella Insight Software Suite empowers decision makers by providing them with real-time situational awareness. Our data collaboration tools change data into actionable intelligence.


Our passion is innovation. Majella’s overarching goal is to provide clients with technical solutions that assist in building better business practices, whilst accessing real time data in a timely, efficient and effective way. If you want to see your future, look at us today. Majella Global Technologies.


Majella’s expertise in integrated management solutions stems from the knowledge of key staff who have worked with a variety of organizations including government organizations, non-governmental organizations, private sector corporations and international bodies. When combined with diverse and challenging engagements within areas including the United States, Australia, Haiti, East Timor, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines, Majella has continuously demonstrated expertise across different sectors and within vastly different environments.


  • Quality

    Creating value is at the heart of a business, sharing it is the sine qua non condition of its success. At Majella, we are committed to deliver the best quality products and services to fully satisfy the most specific needs of our clients.

  • Integrity

    Our integrity influences the way we work together, support our customers and are committed to our stakeholders. At Majella, we are engaged to respect commitments and principles despite contrary pressures.

  • Innovation

    Innovation comes from many sources and feeds on technology, anticipation of consumer trends and creativity. We are proud to have a very passionate team of experts that constantly enhances our software in order to stay ahead of future needs.

Our Team

Our multi-disciplinary team has years of practical knowledge directing entities through the challenging process of designing, implementing and utilizing data collection and asset tracking systems.

  • Fred LaMontagne
    Fred LaMontagneChief Executive Officer
  • Luke Kirke
    Luke KirkeChief Financial Officer
  • Rob Torchon
    Rob TorchonChief Technical Officer
  • John Merlo
    John MerloSales Director
  • Maud Demazure
    Maud DemazureBusiness Administration Director
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