Is the interface easy to use on a tablet with gloves?

Majella offers, in difference to our competitors, a range of viewable designs for forms used on our MI Mobile application. These include single screen page questions in any size font, or field question type you desire. We have worked on numerous devices, both smartphone and tablet, in environments which match your current application.

We will forward you screenshots of similar forms as soon as they are available.

What are the options with Majella interfacing for an EMR?

For these requests, in the past Majella has utilized an API using PHP scripts to connect to hardware or other software interfaces to share or store data.

As an example we have a breadth of experience working with OEM Hardware manufacturers and OEM Software distributers using 2G/3G and Satellite feeds to communicate both data and tracking information from remote locations to and from a central server system.

What companies are already using Majella Insight™?

With a strong affiliation with companies including American Plant Maintenance, Cleburne Texas and International Community of the Red Cross, Majella Insight™ is already proving its strength amongst the best.

Where is the data stored when uploaded?

All Majella Insight™ created data is stored on reliable and secured cloud servers. It can be uniquely stored on local servers controlled by the client on special request. Our recommended practice is to use a local server as a secondary, automatic data backup for added peace of mind.

Who owns the data?

The data is owned by the party collecting the information.

What is involved in installation?

As Majella Insight™ is a web based solution, all that is required is a connection to the internet and the creation of accounts. For our mobile application, you can either download from the related app store, sync directly across your network through ‘drag & drop’ or email distribution, or have the application pushed out from a managed service provider.

What if I have a problem with my products or services – who can I call?

Majella offers 24/7 support. You can create a troubleshooting ticket from our web application that links to your installed account.

How can I find out more information?

Contact info@majellainsight.com and one of our friendly staff members will directly respond to your enquiry.

Is there on-site training available?

Yes. We can provide on-site training or web training at an hourly rate to have your team and services running effectively and immediately.

What is the lead time needed to install, educate and operate a suite product?

Depending on the complexity of the forms required, your selected Majella Insight™ products can be deployed and operational as quickly as 10 business days from contract.

How long have you been in business?

With a proud history in technology and business development spanning over two decades, Majella Global Technologies, in its current guise, was founded in 2012.

Why should we choose Majella instead of operating our existing system?

At Majella, we believe that our approach to service and industry customized solutions set us apart from the pretenders. We offer: 24/7 support; Online and feline data collections; Two way communication from between device and base office; We can send and retrieve records from a server; We can integrate data from legacy systems and between forms…The list goes on.

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What is ‘web-based software’ or ‘cloud-computing’?

Web Based Software is software that is hosted on a server that allows for access through an internet browser such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. The software can be accessed from any global location that has internet access.

Cloud Computing is the storage of related data at a remote group server farm facility, rather than hosting at a physical plant.

Is the suite compatible across all Apple, Windows and Android products?

Yes. Majella understand your needs. For this reason we have developed our range of products to be compatible with tablets, desktops, smartphones and laptops from all of the major providers in operating systems.

Is the internet safe for transferring data with Majella Insight™?

Yes. Our secure software automatically encrypts data transmission to various levels depending on the clients needs. The result is a safe and protected online data solution.

Can data from other EMS software be imported to Majella Insight™ products?

All Majella Insight™ products can interface with a variety of legacy systems for both importing and exporting. This is provided that your inferior vendor allows for the exporting of such data.

We have different locations in our organization. Can you service all our departments separately and collectively with reports?

Absolutely! Our solution is scalable for multiple locations and detailed reporting management.

We have teams who want to enter data at the same time, is this possible?

Majella products allow for multiple users to all enter data at the same time without being denied or loss of data. However, only one person can access a particular record for viewing.

How is my privacy protected on your site?

Our servers offer reliability with multiple firewalls and back locations from reputable server farms throughout the globe.

How scalable is the Majella Insight™ Suite products?

Very. We have clients that operate from a single user, to a team of 25 and further scalable solutions into the hundreds. No matter your operational situation, Majella have a data solution that will fit your needs and exceed your expectations.

Can sensitive information, such as passwords in connections, be securely hidden?

Yes. Your Majella product can hide and encrypt a variety of data and connection critical information.

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