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What are the innovations that will count and the most promising markets in 2016? The well renowned SMB Group has once again revealed what the top 10 technology trends for small and medium businesses (“SMBs”) are. The objective of the SMB Group’s forecast is to identify critical inflection points that are likely to support strategic thinking in the sector and to explain how it is believed that they will occur over the next twelve months for the technology sector within SMBs.

In order to remain competitive and at the top of a given market, integrating information technology at the heart of SMBs’ business model is a must do. Putting the emphasis on emerging technology, collaboration tools and mobile solutions, we have highlighted four trends from the SMB Group’s list that SMBs should consider when implementing information technology solutions. For a detailed overview of the listing released by the SMB Group, please follow this link.

  1. Improve Business Outcomes with Technology

29% of SMBs are considered as “progressive” which means that they are early technology adopters that can be referred to as trendsetters as they define new business models. Thanks to the visionary management style of their executives, “progressive” SMBs are able to improve substantially their business outcomes and outrun competition. As a matter of fact, they invest 29% more on technology adopting cloud, integration and analytics solutions that give them 18% more chance to forecast revenue increase.

  1. Adopt Mobile Solutions

Mobile solutions and services refer to all sorts of applications that are used for business purposes. Most software providers are developing mobile apps in response to the increasing demand for such solutions as 48% of SMBs have employees that are using their mobile devices more and more for work purposes and 70% of SMBs believe that applications designed for mobile devices will replace most of their existing desktop business software. Note that 59% of SMBs see mobile solutions and services as fundamental to their business as they are a great tool that is used to attract new customers as well as to protect, manage and optimize mobile assets.

  1. Streamline Internal Processes

Thanks to the adoption of technological solutions such as information management systems, SMBs build better business practices and are able to streamline their daily business operations and reduce tremendous time spent on managing internal processes. Thus, managers can focus on decision making and optimise business growth giving them the flexibility and capacity to adapt to changing market requirements.

  1. Watch out for Security

If artificial intelligence is now helping to create new services and applications for businesses based on large amounts of data and high-performance algorithms, data protection and security is the most challenging technological element facing SMBs. Whether originating from accidental or malicious causes, data loss and leakage need to be treated with accurate and up to date solutions. IT specialists have developed holistic, end-to-end, risk and rules based security solutions and we highly recommended SMBs to implement them for eliminating vulnerabilities wherever the data resides.

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